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Update to our Terms of Usage

Since launching Alyne in March 2016, we've been having as many conversations with our current and future customers as we can. We want to understand how we can make Alyne more powerful, easier to use and more useful for organisations. 

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State of RegTech - Part 2: Market Predictions

Market Predictions

The term RegTech turned one year old a few weeks ago and in its short lifetime has already lived through a quick hype that I believe may be giving way to a touch of reality. In the second part of our blog series about the State of RegTech, I would like to attempt some predictions for the future of the RegTech market.

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IT Schutzbedarf nach MaRisk 2016 analysieren

Der aktuelle Entwurf zur Novellierung der MaRisk fordert neben vielen weitreichenden Neuerungen in einem kleinen Satz im AT 4.3.2 “die Feststellung des Schutzbedarfs, die Ableitung von Sicherheitsanforderungen sowie die Festlegung entsprechender Sicherheitsmaßnahmen” für die Steuerung und das Controlling von IT-Risiken. Was hier kurz und knapp beschrieben ist, bedeutet für viele Organisationen eine wesentliche Änderung aktueller Prozesse im IT-Risikomanagement.

Im Folgenden erarbeiten wir wesentliche Fragen, die sich bei der Durchführung einer Schutzbedarfsanalyse stellen und bieten Antworten zur Umsetzung einer nachhaltigen Lösung für IT-Risikomanagement. Diesem Ansatz folgend, sind Organisationen in der Lage, einem Regulator die angemessene und wirksame Umsetzung der Anforderungen aus der MaRisk AT 4.2.3 zu demonstrieren.

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Restricted Funnels, Expert Digest and more new features

Summary of Changes

Compliance Summary

1. Funnel audience

After our initial release of Funnels - Alyne's risk-driven workflow and categorisation component - we are now adding extended access control. Experts can restrict viewing and using Funnels to selected Alyne users.

Expert's digest from Stefan to Karl

2. Expert Digest

The Expert Digest is a daily or weekly notification email sent to owners of Assessments in case recipients added comments or asked questions to an ongoing Assessment - very handy for keeping track of larger Assessment campaigns with lots of Controls and recipients.

Expert Digest - control library

3. Controls Selector Update

The Controls Selector is the core widget when defining Control Sets and Assessments as it allows you to browse efficiently through the Alyne Controls Library and select the Controls you want to have in your Control Set or Assessment.

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State of RegTech - Part 1: Emerging Categories

Emerging Categories

Since the emergence of the term RegTech in mid 2015, we have been actively monitoring the market as well as shaping it as much as we can through our product Alyne and thought leadership in this space. In the following, I would like to share my observations by attempting a categorisation of some of the players and providing some predictions for the future of the market and giving some insights into our own strategy at Alyne for the next months and years in the following blog posts of this series.

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