About Alyne

Your Success. Our Mission.

At Alyne, we build the technology to help organisations navigate the complex world of cyber security, risk and regulatory compliance without slowing business down.
About us

Founded in 2015 with the vision to build technology that is easy to use and that simplifies risk management for all organisations — big or small. Alyne’s team operates out of Munich, London, New York and Melbourne.

Meet the Team

We have grown from four people operating out of a spare room to a team of more than 30 employees across four global offices. Everyday, our team strives towards learning, improving and growing —and we have no intention of stopping.

  • Karl Viertel
    Karl Viertel

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

  • Matthias Danner
    Matthias Danner

    Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

  • Manuel Reil
    Manuel Reil

    Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

  • Stefan Sulistyo
    Stefan Sulistyo

    Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer

  • Kai Zhang
    Kai Zhang

    Software Developer

  • Myriam Huber
    Myriam Huber

    Head of Human Resources

  • Christoph Erl
    Christoph Erl

    Software Developer

  • Bayley Benton
    Bayley Benton

    Head of Marketing

  • Jasjeet Kaur
    Jasjeet Kaur

    Software Developer

  • Sri Hari Raju Penmatsa
    Sri Hari Raju Penmatsa

    Software Developer

  • Stefan Feiler
    Stefan Feiler

    Head of Product

  • Tamara Gurschler
    Tamara Gurschler

    Customer Success

  • John Andriello
    John Andriello


  • Faris Toh
    Faris Toh

    Customer Success

  • Tiffany Tram
    Tiffany Tram

    Global Sales Operations

  • Tyler Gowen
    Tyler Gowen

    Head of Alyne North America

  • Felix Schock
    Felix Schock

    Head of Customer Success

  • Pendle Jackson
    Pendle Jackson


  • Nedra Ayari
    Nedra Ayari

    Software Developer

  • Jeff Sussman
    Jeff Sussman

    Head of Alyne Australia

  • Eunice Cheah
    Eunice Cheah


  • Cyrus Ardeshirian
    Cyrus Ardeshirian

    Head of Partnerships

  • Zacbe Gonzalez
    Zacbe Gonzalez

    Software Developer

  • Mudra Senjaliya
    Mudra Senjaliya

    Software Developer

  • Bhushan Chaudhari
    Bhushan Chaudhari

    Machine Learning

  • Maximilian Millitzer
    Maximilian Millitzer

    Customer Success

  • Patrick Schidlowski
    Patrick Schidlowski


  • Egor Labintcev
    Egor Labintcev

    Data Scientist

  • Christina Ng
    Christina Ng

    Software Developer

  • Eugene Nah
    Eugene Nah

    Customer Success

  • Stephen Nyabadza
    Stephen Nyabadza


  • Richard Eitz
    Richard Eitz

    Software Developer

  • Michaela Bogner
    Michaela Bogner


  • Alexander Lautenschlaeger
    Alexander Lautenschlaeger


  • Claudia Howe
    Claudia Howe


  • Christina Casino
    Christina Casino

    Customer Success

  • Victor Falch
    Victor Falch


  • Vanishta Changea
    Vanishta Changea

    Software Developer

  • Moiz Ahamed
    Moiz Ahamed

    Cyber Risk Manager

  • Chiara Hamann
    Chiara Hamann

    Customer Success

  • Ewelina Gromada
    Ewelina Gromada

    Software Developer

  • Brendan Lee
    Brendan Lee

    Customer Success

  • Javier Gutierrez
    Javier Gutierrez


  • Frederick Geyer
    Frederick Geyer

    Content Library

  • Shraddha Beedu
    Shraddha Beedu

    Machine Learning

  • Christian Schneider
    Christian Schneider


  • Lakshaya Sood
    Lakshaya Sood

    Software Developer

  • Richard Brooks
    Richard Brooks


Alyne Timeline

  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • Alyne won the Barclays Accelerator Program Award as well as the UBS Future of Finance Challenge. In 2017 we also secured our Seed Round funding. Furthermore, this was the year that we opened up our London office.

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    Awards and Certifications

    2017 GRC Innovation Award
    UBS Future of Finance Challenge 2017

    GRC 2020

    "Alyne delivers a new breed of an intuitive GRC solution that delivers significant business value and brings a contextual understanding of risk and controls within organizations. In this context, GRC 20/20 has recognized Alyne with a 2017 GRC Innovation Award for the best user experience in IT GRC Management."