Alyned Thinking

Why new thinking is needed and how we are putting our expertise to work.
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    Tech Talk

    Using WebCola and D3.js to create hierarchical layout

    A good layout is essential to uncover the inherent structure in the connected data. Hierarchical layouts are typically used to display parent-child relationships among the graph nodes. D3.js off-the-shelf D3.js implementation of hierarchical layout cannot be used in case of the real-world data in which a child node can have multiple parent nodes. We use WebCola and D3.js to draw hierarchical graph layout using declarative constraint specification in a few lines of code.
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    2020 Cyber Security is not about Technology

    On July 15, Twitter accounts of some of the most influential members on Twitter were compromised, including the former US President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Joe Biden and more. But how much does this breach have to do with technology and how much is human error?
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    Thought Leadership

    Bridging the Digital Divide

    How to best manage the difference between the tech-savvy and the tech-not-so-savvy in business.