Alyned Thinking

Why new thinking is needed and how we are putting our expertise to work.
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    Case Study

    Wie die Haufe Group erfolgreich Alynes Software as a Service für die organisationsweite Digitalisierung des Richtlinienmanagements nutzt

    Erfahren Sie mehr darüber, wie Alynes interaktive und leicht verständliche Plattform es der Haufe Group ermöglicht hat, relevante Richtlinien effektiv zu verwalten.
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    Thought Leadership

    5 Reasons why the Age of the Corporate Policy is coming to an end

    Every growing organisation will reach a certain point in time where someone in a leadership position wants to set a certain behaviour for the organisation and gathering everyone around the water cooler to tell them becomes impractical, too non-committal or plain illegal. In nearly every organisation I have encountered, the approach has been to open up a word processor, draft a policy, get sign-off and publish it somewhere as a PDF. I have never seen this being particularly effective, and here’s why.