• Make Assessments flexible again!

    different tools assembled

    Summary of Changes

    editing assessments

    1. Add Assessment Recipients

    For running or even closed Assessments you can add new recipients and Assessment Objects.

    Controls from scratch

    2. Controls from scratch

    If you want to cover Controls outside of our Cyber Security, Data Privacy and IT Risk space, you can now create Controls from scratch using our well known Controls editor.

    Euro, pound and dollar - displayed currencies symbol

    3. Currencies

    Alyne now supports 3 currencies: Euro, British Pound and Dollar - whatever Dollar.

  • Reactions, Advanced Search and Improved Speed

    different tools assembled

    Summary of Changes

    Alyne Reactions in recovery testing

    1. Reactions

    Reactions are a revolutionary feature that integrates social interactions to the Alyne Cyber Security, Risk Management and Compliance solution. Get insights which Controls are understood, supported, implemented or even seem to be confusing for your organisation.

    Reactions on Control Sets (Personal Cyber Check)

    2. Reaction Summary

    You get consolidated statistics on reactions per Control Set to get an overview about how many members of your organisation have read, implemented, are supporting your Controls or even are confused with them.

    Advanced search by standards (Recovery testing)

    3. Advanced Search

    Since product launch, the search always has been a powerful feature to filter Control Sets based on keywords. Now we are adding Standards and Regulation to the search.

  • Report Editing, Advanced Filtering and a New Shiny Button

    different tools assembled

    Summary of Changes

    Alyne Report Remove Risks (BYOD program)

    1. Remove Risks from Reports

    Removing Risks from Reports is new feature that includes a documented reason and a history log. Of course you have the ability to reinstate those risks again.

    Alyne Filter Reactions and Comments (removing risks from reports)

    2. Filter by Comments and Reactions

    Last time we introduced Reactions on Controls. You now can filter Controls by Reaction and Comments. You also can filter Assessment Responses by Comments.

    Alyne Hold Button to Delete, filter buttons hold and delete (personal cyber check)

    3. Secure Delete

    "Do you really want to delete...?" is pretty old-fashioned. Instead of a confirmation popup the user presses and holds the button for 2 seconds and releases to execute the delete.

  • The Challenge with Many Enterprise Controls

    Thought leadership from Alyne CEO on why so many enterprise controls are still so bad. 

  • Translating laws into action - Alyne’s Secret Sauce

    several red pepperonis assembled - Alyne's secret sauce

    In the development of Alyne we put a lot of thought into how to make rules, their implementation and measurement of maturity smarter and easier to grasp.