How Alyne Helped GUD Transition From Manual Processes to a Digitised Risk Management Solution

Learn more about how Alyne made it possible for GUD Holdings Limited to successfully transition from manual Risk Management processes to a simplified and digitised solution – aligning them with a leading industry standard control framework, ISO 27001.  

GUD Holdings Limited is an Australian publicly listed company with a market capitalisation in excess of AU$1B and an annual revenue which exceeds AU$400M. GUD services a pool of dynamic consumers, industrial products and companies, covering the automotive and water industries, based in Australia and New Zealand.

Prior to using Alyne, the GUD team conducted the majority of their Risk Management efforts using spreadsheets, making it difficult to measure against a common baseline. A primary goal of of theirs was to raise the organisation's information security profile, based on an industry standard control framework, ISO 27001.

Their visibility and management of risks was static, as their use of spreadsheets for Risk Management did not provide deep enough insights into how their risks were being managed, nor did it analyse the effectiveness of a risk treatment plan. 

The speed of deployment, ability to use the pre-configured Controls in the Alyne Content Library, and the dynamic Risk Reporting functionality that Alyne offered, provided GUD's business unit leaders with the necessary visibility and forecast capability to understand their business risk profile in more detail.

Read the case study in detail below and learn more about GUD's transition toward simplified and digitised Risk Management. 



Bayley Benton

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