2020 Recap: Celebrating an Eventful Year

2020 is a year that will globally be viewed as highly eventful – and for many, incredibly challenging, too. We are immensely proud of the Alyne Team's hard work, consistent output and our organisational growth this year. Read on for a recap of our activities in 2020.

2020 has been a great year for Alyne. As a team, we have all invested a tremendous amount of effort and hard work in improving our product offering, increasing our brand value, and generating further movement in the market.

Alyne’s Content Library team has been diligently mapping key regulations to further guide organisations and business leaders. A vast selection of new features and product improvements have been made available to Alyne Customers from our talented Development team, helping to significantly improve user experience and further the capabilities of using Alyne for your compliance and risk management requirements.

The Marketing team worked hard this year to deliver key resources and drive topics and conversations to assist with today’s shifting risk landscape, which supported the activities of every sales member. Each of them, leveraging their knowledge and skill to break into new networks and drive valuable conversations in the field. Our Customer Success team grew tremendously and further enhanced their capabilities to provide our customers with the support and guidance they need to succeed.

Another great indicator of growth, despite a year that can globally be viewed as nothing short of challenging, is the increase in headcount that we have achieved this year, with 25 new colleagues joining our team, across our different locations. In September, we also moved our Munich Office to a much bigger space, creating an improved environment for collaboration, creativity and innovation. 

Thank you to each and every one of you, for your hard work and dedication this year.



Overview of many of the New Features released in 2020:

Alyne's development team has worked tirelessly to produce a powerful selection of new product features and improvements in Alyne. We are proud to say we saw an uptime of 99.9% across all of our services in 2020.

  • February New Features - New Risk User Interface, new UX design to separate Assessment configurations, Object Invites for Assessments and much more.
  • June New Features - Connecting Risk Tags with the Object Library and allowing Attachments for Mitigation Tasks. Users can also enjoy various file formats for export and many more product improvements.
  • July New Features - Risk Versioning and Workflow, updates to Risk and Funnel Campaigns, Dynamic Assessments as Funnel triggers and a Risk Loss Potential Estimator
  • October New Features - Assessment Takeovers, Compliance Evidence, Sentiment Analysis, Statistics for Assessment Responders, Submission Confirmation for Assessments, Linking of Risks and Objects and many more.
  • November New Features - Improvement management of Assessments through the use of Containers. New email validation now assists with a pre-screening process, prior to User invitations – keeping your databases tidy and spam free.
  • December New Features - Coming Shortly


Library Overview:

Alyne Library team have worked hard this year to ensure that the Alyne application is up-to-date with the latest regulations. Alyne Users can easily leverage on the Alyne Content Library containing a large number of global laws, standards and out of the box Control Templates with just a few clicks. This year, the Alyne Library team delivered:

  • 6 new standards, 2 standard mapping improvements and 2 new Funnels. Read more about many of these here.
    • Cybersecurity Law of the Peoples Republic of China
    • SOC 2 for Service Organisations - Trust Services Criteria (2017)
    • EBA Guidelines under SREP
    • VPDSS v2.0
    • TISAX - VDA ISA v4.1.1
    • Financial Controls
    • Vendor Governance Control Set Funnel
  • 199 new Controls to the platform (19% increase in Library size)
  • A total of 102 new risks were added (11% increase to the platform)

Download Library Overview here

Events and Pitches:


In 2020, Alyne proudly onboarded many new Partners across various industries, combining our expertise as we expand our global client base. We look forward to working towards new heights with our partners.

White Papers:

  • Compliance with APRA’s Prudential Standard CPS 234 - Download
  • Compliance with the Californian Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) - Download
  • Alyne’s Controls as a Service - Download
  • Prepare for your Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Leveraging Alyne  - Download
  • IDW PS 340 n.F. - Alyne's Risk Revolution  - Download


  • Webinar: Operational Resilience - Watch
  • Webinar - APRA CPS 234 and Third Party Risk Management - Watch
  • Webinar - Enterprise Controls: The Need Evolution and Future - Watch
  • Webinar - OTP Bank and Alyne - Watch
  • Co-hosted Webinar with KPMG- Sustainability & Human Rights - Watch

The RegTech Report Podcast:

This year, we were happy to have guests from all over the world to join us on The RegTech Report to offer their thought leadership within their field of expertise. We have produced 14 episodes this year alone and we look forward to becoming your go-to source for all things RegTech.

Listen to all episodes here

We look forward to everything that the next year has in store for us. Be sure to keep an eye on Alyne's event page for upcoming webinars and events for 2021.

Bayley Benton

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