Alyned Thinking

Why new thinking is needed and how we are putting our expertise to work.
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    White Paper

    White Paper | Getting ISO 27001 Certified Using Alyne

    Ten detailed steps to becoming ISO 27001 certified using Alyne's Software as a Service.
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    Thought Leadership

    How Will RegTech Shape in the Face of Brexit?

    The deadline for Brexit is fast approaching and we are exploring the all-important question of how RegTech will shape in the face of Brexit. 
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    Library Updates

    Library Update: CIS Controls v7

    The Alyne library has been updated to cover the CIS Controls v7, published by the Center for Internet Security. 
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    Press Release

    Alyne - Made in Germany - Operating Globally

    Munich - London - Melbourne - New York.
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    New Features

    New Year New Features

    Summary of Changes 1. Stacking of Funnel-triggered Assessments All Assessments relating to a particular Funnel will be grouped. 2. Deleting empty Assessments Expert Users are now able to clean up empty Assessments. 3. Additional currencies Admin Users can now select from 7 different currencies.