Alyned Thinking

Why new thinking is needed and how we are putting our expertise to work.
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    Case Study

    Customer Case Study - LEDVANCE

    Customer Case Study with LEDVANCE, a leading supplier of innovative lighting products pursues the group's modern overall strategy by implementing Alyne, a cloud-based risk management solution. 
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    Thought Leadership

    Corporate Innovation: How we can fix what is broken

    As a growing startup we engage with innovation and digital teams from many different organisations around the world. This gives us a unique insight into the current challenges and trends in corporate innovation management and digitalisation teams across industries.
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    Press Release

    Our Awards, Mentions, Appearances and Guest Postings

    Here is a collection of our awards, mentions, conference appearances and guest postings of 2018.
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    New Features

    Incident Management & Funnel Updates

    Summary of New Features 1. Incident Management We've built a new Incident Management module. You can now use Alyne to document, analyse, investigate and track incidents that have occurred. 2. Funnel Outcome Reviews You now have the ability to add a reviewer to each Funnel outcome, creating an effortless and scalable review process for procedures like vendor conflict checks, business impact assessments and privacy impact assessments. 3. Funnel Tool Tips We've added a number of tips within Alyne to help you complete Funnel Object details.
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    We are Hiring

    Alyne has exciting new roles in multiple locations around the world to fill. Learn more about what it's like working for Alyne.