Alyne & LeanIX: A Powerful Integration for Better Governance, Risk and Compliance

Alyne’s GRC SaaS Solution and LeanIX’s Enterprise Architecture Suite, two cloud-native organisations, have joined forces with a powerful integration, driving capabilities across four use cases: Technology Risk Management, Operational Resilience, Financial Services Compliance and IT Governance. Download our latest White Paper to understand more about the value that this cutting-edge integration can provide to your organisation.

Leveraging the connection between LeanIX’s Enterprise Architecture Suite (EAS) and Alyne’s next-generation Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) SaaS Solution, enterprises are able to drive value within their organisation across four core use cases. Learn more about the benefits of connecting these cloud-based platforms for real-time risk data exchange, designed to greatly improve enterprise architecture (EA) management as well as compliance and Risk Management processes.

LeanIX and Alyne are organisations native to the cloud and run on cutting-edge technology. Data is exchanged between the two platforms in a bi-directional manner. Alyne Objects and LeanIX Fact Sheets — the building blocks of the two platforms’ inventories — can be configured based on the functional requirements of companies.

“It is great to see the transparency LeanIX delivers in our application landscape directly leveraged for our risk and assurance processes in Alyne.”

- Helmut Dedié
Enterprise Architect - Fenaco

“LeanIX stores data that is vital to performing security audits and Risk Assessments (business capabilities, lifecycle, ownership and underlying IT components). ACU wanted to integrate LeanIX with Alyne because this critical data was being manually entered into Alyne, resulting in manual data entry and human error. Our goal was to streamline ACU’s application security auditing and risk assessment process to support ACU’s ongoing focus on improving our IT security posture.

We were also looking for a way to share the outcomes of criticality assessments and risk scores recorded against an application back to LeanIX, providing a valuable overarching view of the ACU application landscape and security risk mappings.”

- Australian Catholic University

Learn more about the integration between Alyne’s GRC SaaS Solution and LeanIX’s Enterprise Architecture Suite to drive greater value across four core use cases: Technology Risk Management, Operational Resilience, Financial Services Compliance and IT Governance.


Bayley Benton

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