White Paper | Operational & Cyber Resilience Part 3: Enterprise Risk Management

The 4 best practices for a digitalised Enterprise Risk Management system.

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Welcome to Part 3 in our series of white papers on Operational and Cyber Resilience. Over the next few months, we will introduce 6 core and interrelated components of Operational and Cyber Resilience that we believe are essential to the development of a resilient organisation. These 6 components consist of: Business Continuity Management, Vendor Governance, Enterprise Risk Management, Incident Management and Cyber Resilience and Training. Through this series of white papers, we would also like to reemphasise our belief here at Alyne that building a resilient business requires an organisation-wide approach that integrates technology with the processes and people that use it.                                


Operational & Cyber Resilience: Part 3 - Enterprise Risk Management.  

Changing, evolving and disruptive—these have become buzzwords so ubiquitously used to describe our modern economy today. Along with modern innovations however, are also newer, larger and more complex risks that all businesses have to contend with. In this challenging risk environment, existing or legacy systems and spreadsheet-based operating models built for the former days of silo-based approaches to risk management will simply not cut it anymore.

Implementing ERM brings the various areas of organisational risk under one roof, creating a comprehensive framework for assessing risk across the enterprise. Furthermore, pairing your ERM with innovative, end-to-end solutions that combine AI capabilities with an enhanced user experience, fosters a greater risk culture across the organisation and can make all the difference. In this white paper, we will illustrate the 4 best practices for a digitalised Enterprise Risk Management system. 

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