Library Update: Cybersecurity Law of the People's Republic of China

The Cybersecurity Law of the People's Republic of China Control Set has recently been rolled out, containing 212 robust Controls, helping organisations operating in mainland China to become compliant with the Chinese regulation through setting up relevant internal Controls.

Mainly targeted towards network operators in China, the Chinese Cybersecurity Law contains a number of cybersecurity requirements including protection of national cyberspace sovereignty, preservation of sensitive information, and the safeguarding of critical information assets and infrastructure.

While the law presents clear definitions of network operators and security requirements, some of its terms are broadly defined and provisions are slightly ambiguous. The Library experts in Alyne have interpreted and translated these requirements into curated Control Statements which are granular, specific and measurable - making it much easier for organisations to implement.

Critical information infrastructure (CII) providers are covered within this regulation as well, however, Alyne's Content Library will include Controls relevant for these providers in a later release.

As with all Library Updates, the Control Set has been provided to existing and new Alyne customers alike. Contact our sales team at to learn how Alyne can help your organisation, or schedule a meeting with an expert to experience Alyne's full capabilities.

Faris Toh

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