Library Update - Financial Controls

We have recently released two new sets of Financial Controls in the Alyne Content Library. 

Following the deployment of the first two chapters of financial-related Controls covering Order to Cash (OTC) management and Procurement, we have added two additional chapters to our library! The two chapters cover Fixed Asset Management and Inventory Management.


Fixed Asset Management

This brand new library topic contains 15 new Controls and covers the likes of fixed asset register, asset validation and asset disposal. We have included these controls to help companies, particularly those in the manufacturing industry, implement best practices pertaining to managing their fixed assets and efficient allocation of capital. Ensuring there is proper tracking and maintenance of the company's fixed assets such as equipment and machinery will indubitably help to prevent disruptions to an organisation's business.


Inventory Management

The Inventory Management Control Set contains 14 new Controls which includes the topics of inventory register, physical inventory and inventory disposal. The latest addition to the Alyne Content Library will greatly benefit those companies managing large amounts of inventory as part of their supply chain process. This aims to ensure that there is proper accounting of inventories such as raw materials, operating supplies and finished goods.

As with all library updates, the controls have been provided to existing and new Alyne customers alike.

Contact our sales team at to learn how Alyne can help your organisation or request information about how you can experience Alyne’s capabilities in a Proof of Concept.


Bayley Benton

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