Library Update - Innovation Management

We have recently released a new set of Controls relating to Innovation Management in the Alyne Content Library. Users can leverage Alyne’s existing capabilities to set up an internal control system to drive and manage innovation within an organisation, with just a few clicks.

Innovation management covers all measures to promote and exploit innovations in the company. It aims to leverage the creativity and know-how of employees, to improve efficiency, develop new products, enhance current capabilities, reduce risk and to drive digital transformation across the organisation in an active manner.

The Innovation Management Controls are bundled in one library topic containing 18 new Control Statements classified under 4 subtopics. As with all library updates, the Controls have been provided to existing and new Alyne customers alike.

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Tamara Gurschler
Autor: Tamara Gurschler
Customer Success
About the author
Tamara is responsible for Customer Success at Alyne. She assists organisations of all industries and sizes in using Alyne to mature their cyber security, risk management and compliance capabilities and cost effectively measure maturity in their extended enterprise. Prior to working at Alyne, Tamara worked as a consultant with market leading companies.