July New Features

This July, we have new and improved product features within Alyne that include Risk Versioning and Workflow, updates to Risk and Funnel Campaigns, Dynamic Assessments as Funnel triggers and a Risk Loss Potential Estimator.

1. Risk Versioning and Workflow

In any organisation, the creation and finalisation of Risks is a very important decision and it generally goes through multiple levels of organisational approvals.

Catering to this aspect, Alyne has introduced a new feature: Risk Versioning. Risks now are fully version-controlled and follow a strict lifecycle including draft, in review, reviewed and archived statuses. This feature establishes an easy and intuitive workflow for the Risk approval process by creating separate organisational duties in the approval workflow; as in most cases, the Risk creator is not the final approver of the same risk.

This functionality allows users to start, save and pause their work on a Risk without affecting the overall Risk exposure. Utilising this feature, the Risk contributor can submit the Risk, toggle between different versions of a Risk, and finally the Risk approver can approve the Risk and freeze the version.  

Risk Versioning and Workflow - Fig 1


Risk Versioning and Workflow - Fig 2


2. Campaigns - New Update

a. Risk Campaigns

Alyne has introduced two new Campaign types:

  • Update Risk details
  • Review Risk details

Alyne brings your regular Risk review and update cycle into an easy-to-manage workflow.


Users can now use these Campaigns to assign the Task of updating any Risk details or to review them. The scope is selected via Objects in their Risk tag function. Task owners will be picked by the responsible fields on those Objects. The participants/recipients of these Campaigns would then be notified and subsequently complete the Tasks within the specified time limit.

Also new is a Campaign flow option called "Individual Flow" which has been introduced where each recipient party – in this case an Object/Risk tag – can start a second stage without all the other Objects having to first complete the first stage.


Feature Risk Campaign


b. Funnel Campaigns

Alyne Users can now use Campaigns to assign the Task of using the Funnel feature. The participants/recipients of these Campaigns would then be notified and subsequently complete the designated Funnel to categorise multiple Objects, as needed.

Feature Funnel Campaign


3. Dynamic Assessments as Funnel Triggers

Sending customised Assessments has never been this easy. Alyne’s Dynamic Assessments give users the flexibility to tailor their Assessments based on individual answers or selections of a potential recipient.

Users can now use dynamic Assessments as a possible trigger for Funnels. Dynamic Assessments allow users to send out tailored Assessments with answering just a few questions in the Funnel feature. Utilising this feature, Users can assign an Assessment template to every question if desired and after completion of the Funnel workflow, an Assessment will be compiled dynamically based on the answers given and the templates attached.

Feature Dynamic Assessments as Funnel Triggers - 1

Feature Dynamic Assessments as Funnel Triggers - 2

4. Risk Report - New Update:  Enabling a detailed drill down of any Risks

Alyne is continuously improving its features to provide Users an enhanced platform. Recently, Alyne introduced an updated version of the Risk Report, where users can now drill down into any Risk to find out the exact Control and related Assessment questions which contributed to that Risk. This feature gives the Users more visibility while identifying the root-cause of a specific Risk and makes the Risk investigation an easier task.

Feature drill down of Risks


5. Risk Loss Potential Estimator

Understanding the potential financial impact of a Risk is one of the key aspects of Risk Analysis and is crucial to any organisation. The calculation of estimating financial loss for a Risk should always be evidence based and Alyne as your one stop GRC solution has made this process easier.

Alyne has introduced a brand new feature – the Risk Loss Potential Estimator. This feature will help and guide the organisations to evaluate the probable financial loss for a Risk. Alyne Users will need to answer a questionnaire - which is built considering multiple influencing factors of the Risk -  and in turn, this step will assist the User to estimate the financial loss for that specific Risk.

Loss Potential Estimator - Fig 1
Loss Potential Estimator - Fig 2
Loss Potential Estimator - Fig 3
Get in touch with our team to learn more about these new features and the extended functionality of Alyne. 


Debasmita Sinha

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