January New Features

This January, the Alyne platform has been enriched with a brand new feature called 'Documents'. Furthermore, Alyne Users can benefit from an enhancement of the Assessment Takeover, set personal messages for Dynamic Assessments and much more.

1. Documents

We are kicking off the year with a major announcement! We are really excited to introduce an entirely new top-level feature: ‘Documents’ in Alyne.

The main purpose with this new functionality is to provide an easy, convenient and maintainable way of integrating (policy) documents into the Alyne platform. This feature aims to support our customers with an intuitive way to create, edit and publish their documents.

On a technical level, it will enable Alyne Users to create and maintain multiple documents, including versioning, into the Alyne application. By using block behaviour for headings, formatting and markdown support, as well as image enhancements, Users will have strong capabilities for bringing any kind of document structures into the Alyne platform. Applying proper access rights and supporting all of our major languages are just some of the incredible benefits while using this new functionality. Reviewing your progress in the table of contents now works incredibly fast with super smooth scrolling. As you integrate policy documents into Alyne’s Documents feature, you also seamlessly eliminate distracting media breaks that you would find in a file-based approach to policies.

Going forward, the new Documents functionality will be the foundation for our Controls to live upon, meaning that ultimately, the control scope will have the power to be defined across a variety of predefined and customised standards. By having the ability to bring any document (structure) into the platform, we are able to satisfy standardised and highly customised control system use-cases.

We will provide the ability to select and connect certain paragraphs in a document to specific Controls used in our platform. By completing a full document review, we ultimately stretch out a control scope for a particular document. Additionally, Alyne Users will have the ability to contribute and consume templates in a Library Store – another feature on course to form part of the Alyne application in the near future.

Our engineering and product teams have been working incredibly hard on this and we couldn’t be more proud bringing this brand new feature to life.

'Documents' truly opens up a new space in enabling Alyne Users to better manage their policies and digital documents centrally.

Over the course of the coming months, stay tuned as we enhance these capabilities with powerful new additions to the Alyne platform, such as Awareness Campaigns, additional content types and more. 


2. Assessment - Enhanced Takeover Functionality

At Alyne, we recognise the need to answer periodic (and often lengthy) Assessments requested by internal/external parties. Supporting this use case, in particular, we are introducing and enhancing our Assessment Takeover function.

Generally, this feature allows Alyne Users to be able to take over answers from previously answered Assessments. By having this feature, you can simply review your past answers and modify a handful of responses that have been updated over time.

Are you new to your position and already tasked to complete an Assessment? We’ve got you covered! 

Our Assessment Takeover functionality also allows Alyne Users to take over answers from other Alyne Users on the same Assessment. We are sure that this feature will be quite beneficial for you and get you up to speed in your new role.

A whole lot more is scheduled to launch in the Assessments space throughout the year, so stay tuned for future enhancements.

3. Deselection of Assessment Responses

Made an accidental error in answering a question when you were not meant to? This minor enhancement that we have introduced into the Assessment feature now allows you to reset your selection. This could then enable you to better delegate the question or even answer the question at a later date.



4. Archived Assessments View

In addition to the Assessment Takeover capabilities, we have also enhanced the Assessment Container overviews by improving the way archived Assessments are managed within Assessment Containers.

The Assessment overview can now be updated dynamically with a simple click, revealing the archived Assessments within your Assessment Container, alongside all other Assessments.


5. Personal Message Text for Dynamic Assessments

Here at Alyne, we understand how the smallest things are also often the ones that make a big difference. Moving forward, Funnel managers can now configure a personal message using Dynamic Assessments, which will be shown in the email invitation of the responder. These messages will be supported by all of Alyne’s major system languages.


6. Comments on Risks

We have received feedback from our Customers on how much they love using Alyne’s collaborative approach and supporting features when managing their Risks. As such, we now have enhanced these collaboration possibilities by enabling Comments on pre-approved Risks. This means that Users can already start using Comments and share their thoughts on Risks that have not even been approved yet.

In Alyne, Comments are deeply integrated into our system, helping to promote cooperation within individuals and teams. By tagging other Users (e.g. @DaveSmith), they can now be notified and involved in the discussion around Risks, enabling the Risk approval process to be much more interactive and collaborative moving forward.  

7. Insights for Assessment Container

In addition, we are introducing the new ‘Insights’ tab for Assessment Containers. Alyne Users will now have the ability to use interactive, live-updating Radar Diagrams to view their Assessment results and monitor them against certain standards. These reporting and analytics capabilities have now been made available across your Assessment Containers. Furthermore, we have improved our calculation algorithm making it far more accurate than ever before – and from a visual perspective, the populating and updating of Radar Diagrams are now lightning-fast.

At Alyne, we believe strongly in streamlining workflows and helping our Users achieve greater efficiency in their processes.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about these new features and the extended functionality of Alyne. 

Eugene Nah

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