February New Features

The latest feature releases within Alyne this February provide Users with a new Risk User Interface, new UX design to separate Assessment configurations, Object Invites for Assessments and much more.

New Features this February include:

  • New Risk User Interface
  • A new UX design to separate Assessment configurations
  • Object Invites for Assessments
  • Delegation to Non-existing users
  • Change of Risk Owners
  • Comments for Mitigation Tasks
  • Mentions in Comments
  • Favourites Search Functionality

1. The new Risk Management User Interface (UI)

Our New Risk Management User Interface is live.
We are committed to improving the Alyne user experience on a continuous basis. Recently, we have redesigned the Risk Management User Interface.
In terms of UI functionality, the user can still manage and organise the Risks, perform the Mitigation measures and add Incidents/Events as before, however, the new design includes a rearrangement and improvement of visual aspects – placing the Risks at center stage for easier User accessibility.

Below are few of the UI design changes that we have introduced:

  • Now, the Dashboard is to the right, Risk Tags are to the left and Risks are at the centre. Moving the Risk Tags to the left of the screen, enables Users dealing with multiple Tags to arrange those in a more structured way. The User is also able to quickly look up a Tag in the ‘Search Tags’ section and Risks in the ‘Search Risks’ section
  • Tag Selection Mode: (Single, Intersection or Union) has now moved under the three-dot menu, next to the search tag.
  • As Risk Tags, in most cases, are created only by Admin Users, we have moved the option under Settings, located under the three-dot menu at the right section of the screen.
  • Users can now copy existing Risk attributes (Ex: Risk Title, Description, Impact, Probability) and create a new risk. This is helpful for organisations having multiple similar risks with different Risk Tags.
  • We have introduced two new filter options: The ‘My Risks’ button dynamically filters down the Risks that the User is an owner of; and a generic ‘Filter’ option just beside the “My Risks” which gives the User the flexibility to filter out Risks based on multiple attributes.

2. A new UX design to separate Assessment configurations 

We believe that Users should be able to use our platform with ease and so we continuously work to improve Alyne’s UX design. The two most important aspects in defining an Assessment have been revamped to include their own individual configuration tab.

This breaking UX change means that a) Recipients and b) Controls are now arranged in tabs and can be separately configured when defining an Assessment. Toggle freely between the two tabs.

3. Object Invites for Assessments 

Our Assessments have also evolved and are now attached to Objects for better traceability. The User can either create a custom Object or select from the existing Object Library while tagging the Assessment to an Object.

4. Delegation to non-existing Users

We believe in clear ownership and responsibilities - which is why Alyne Assessments always have one responder. However, as the knowledge required to answer questions may reside with people beyond the organisation as well, a responder can now delegate questions to non-existing Users. 

With this new function, responders to an Assessment can either choose to delegate the question to an internal User within the organisation, or delegate to an external party outside of the organisation. 

This is very useful, for instance, in cases involving questions relating to a vendor, whereby a third-party is more suited to answer the question, but that external vendor is not a registered Alyne User.

Do note, that delegated questions can still be reclaimed at any time, even after being sent to an external party.

5. Change of Risk Owners 

We understand flexibility. That’s why we have introduced a new feature where the User has the option to change the ownership of a Risk from one User to another - which helps in segregation of duties and a more streamlined workflow.

6. Comments for Mitigation Tasks

Hoping to comment and provide your two-cents worth when managing mitigation tasks, but fail to find the “Comments” icon?

Users are now able to include Comments on Mitigation Tasks. This allows better communication across relevant parties involved in the Mitigation Tasks.

7. Mentions in Comments

Needing to alert a colleague to your comment, or direct your comment(s) toward a particular User?

Users are now able to mention other Alyne Users in their comments by typing “@” at the start of a comment, similar to that of how many instant messaging applications work.

In-app notifications would notify Users whenever they are mentioned by someone else in a Comment. 

This also works for other aspects where Comments are available such as Control Sets, Control Statements, Reports etc.

8. Favorites in Risk Management

Our love for the Favourites function has spread from Control Sets, Control Statements, Assessments and Reports, all the way to Risks.

Users can now make a list of their Favourites within the Risk Management Dashboard, for easy viewing and reference

Create a selection of Risks according to your needs and save them to a list that would then allow you to access the list whenever using the Risk Management Dashboard.

Get in touch with our team at [email protected] to learn more about these new features and extended functionality of Alyne. 

Written in collaboration by Debasmita Sinha and Eugene Nah.

Eugene Nah

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