Alyned Thinking

Why new thinking is needed and how we are putting our expertise to work.
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    New Features

    New features for the Report, Excel exports and more

    Summary of Changes

    Compliance Summary (compliance compared in 2 standards)

    1. New features for the Report

    The Report was extended by a whole new section, the Compliance Summary. This is a very powerful feature that gives you a condensed view about the compliance to regulatory and statutory requirements based on the Assessment outcomes included in the Report. The management summary was re-designed and enriched with features. Report sections are now collapsable.

    new features for the report/export

    2. Excel/ CSV exports

    You can now quickly export all the responses of an assessment for further analysis in Excel, Google Sheets and all other applications that support CSV/ tabular structures. It includes all the details like Assessment objects and deviations that make subsequent data analytics even more fun.

    Control tiles - status of different assessments

    3. New Assessment Recipient status view

    Some of our customers run big assessments, with dozens of recipients. The new tabular view on recipients enables you to track outstanding vs finalised responses better. You can switch between tile and tabular view in a fraction of a second.

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    New Features

    Multi-tenancy and one-click functions for managing Assessments and Control Sets

    Summary of Changes

    Multi-tenancy - different switches in the software

    1. Multi-tenancy

    With the new Org Switcher you can switch fast and securely from one organisation to another via the org menu. Easy, secure and self-enabled multi-tenancy how you always wanted it to be.

    One-click assessments in multi-tenancy

    2. One-click actions on Assessments/ Control Sets

    One click actions allow for copying Control Sets and Assessments, for creating Assessment templates and spin off Assessments from a Control Set right away.

    One-click actions on Assessments/ Control Sets - internal audit tasks

    3. Better Control tiles

    The Control tile is the core element of our GRC product. You can now delete single Controls from a set, customisations have now more room to breath and tags are now better utilising the space available.

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    New Features

    1000 Free Credits and Further Advancements in the New Release

    Hi, my name is Manuel and I am the CTO of Alyne. In my first blog post, I will briefly cover the improvements of the new Alyne release for March, 2016. This will be - or so we hope - the start of a long, long series of release posts as we embrace the old-school guiding principle:

    Release early. Release often. And listen to your customers.

    Eric S. Raymond in The Cathedral and the Bazaar