Introducing Alyne Object Library

Alyne has been updated to include a new module: the Object Library.

The Object Library is a central repository, where all of an organisation's Objects (e.g., Applications, Data Records, Vendors) can be recorded in one place and easily managed.

With organisations becoming more and more complex, the Object Library is an extremely useful tool for keeping track of different Objects and their key details.


New Feature: Object Library

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Some useful features of the Object Library

  • Objects may be neatly divided into different Object types. Existing Objects can also be edited and updated.
  • Users can easily search, filter and sort through all of their organisation’s Objects. Each different Object type will have different sorting and filtering options, aligned to the specific Object type.
  • Each Object can be assigned to a different responsible person or owner - e.g. for applications you might assign a Business Owner and IT Owner to each application.
  • For each Object, write/delete access can be restricted to specific Alyne Users, which is extremely useful for maintaining the integrity of the Object Library.
  • The entire Object Library Export can be exported in CSV format with the click of a button.

Object Library use cases

The Object Library fits neatly with Alyne’s other modules:

  • Run Assessments on each Object in the library, using Alyne's Controls and Assessments. When sending out your next Assessment, when you click "Manage Recipients", try selecting an existing Object and responsible person, rather than entering the individual's email address.
  • Alyne Users can run Funnels to triage or categorise the Objects that are recorded in their organisation's Object Library. Alyne comes pre-configured with a number of Funnel templates, including Funnels for: Business Impact Assessments; Vendor Conflict Checks; Privacy Impact Assessments; Information Classifications; Application Protection Need Assessments; and many more. As discussed in this blog post, Funnel outcomes and questions can also be set up to update Object properties.

Update object properties

Bayley Benton

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