Multi Factor Authentication and Funnel Updates

Summary of Changes 1. Multi Factor Authentication A second factor for authentication protects your Alyne organisation from a wide range of attacks. 2. High Score Evaluation for Funnels We added a second evaluation method for Funnels: High Score. It's a brother to the existing Weighted Answers method. 3. Scatter Plot for Funnel Runs We introduce a very cool visualisation of the Funnel runs you took.

Changes in detail

New features

Multi Factor Authentication

Alyne customers can opt in to the new Alyne Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). Once enabled, it enforces using a second factor during login. It applies to all members of an org. If you are member of multiple orgs, MFA is activated only for the login to the orgs which enforce MFA.

How it works:

  • You ask your local Alyne dealer for activating MFA in your org.
  • The next time members of your org log in, they will be presented a popup window for enrolling to MFA. They download a Google Authenticator-compatible mobile app (e.g. Google Authenticator, Authy, etc.) and scan the bar code presented with the mobile app.
  • Then you need to enter the six digit code displayed in your Google Authenticator app and the logon proceeds as usual.
  • The next time you log in, you only need to type in the password, then followed by the six digit code.

High Score Evaluation for Funnels

Our customers in Australia had the idea of an alternative evaluation method for Funnels and - guess what - we found it so compelling that we now introduce it to all customers: High Score follows the Maximum Principle. The outcome is determined by the answer that is associated to the outcome with the highest score. The outcome score is based on the descending order in which they are entered: The first outcome has the highest score, followed by the second outcome and so on.

Sounds complicated, but actually is not. Example: You have 3 possible outcomes: High, medium, low: If an answer was given that leads to the outcome high, then the whole Funnel outcome is set to high. If you don't select an answer that leads to high, but only to medium, then the Funnel outcome is medium, etc. In contrast to the default evaluation method "Weighted Answers", there are no answer weightings included. One answer towards the higher ranked outcome is enough to decide the Funnel outcome in favor of this outcome.

Scatter Plot for Funnel Runs

Scatter Plot for Funnels
The Funnel Scatter Plot visualises all the Funnel outcomes of a Funnel by drawing answers paths for each Funnel question: Each Funnel run is represented as a line flowing from top to bottom across the question and answer options. The color of the line is the one of the final outcome of this Funnel run.

This enables you to quickly recognise patterns in the answers given and the reasoning why a Funnel run was determined to have its outcome.

In the screenshot above we show 3 Funnel runs: One with outcome "Business Essential", one with outcome "Critical" and one with outcome "Important" - each to be distinguished by color. We can quickly see that the blue and yellow Funnel run started off with the 4th answer of question one whereas the orange one started with the first answer to the first question. For the second question, orange and blue chose the first answer to the second question, etc.

You can hover individual answers, a question or even show all answer options to all questions by toggling "Show answers".

Bug fixes

No bug fixes this time.

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Manuel Reil

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