Make Assessments flexible again!

Summary of Changes 1. Add Assessment Recipients For running or even closed Assessments you can add new recipients and Assessment Objects. 2. Controls from scratch If you want to cover Controls outside of our Cyber Security, Data Privacy and IT Risk space, you can now create Controls from scratch using our well known Controls editor. 3. Currencies Alyne now supports 3 currencies: Euro, British Pound and Dollar - whatever Dollar.

Changes in detail

New features

Add Assessment Recipients

Assessment Recipients full screen

If you are an Alyne Assessment power user or not, you may have had one or more of the following situations:

  • You missed adding somebody to an Assessment, but already launched it. You cannot change the running Assessment.
  • You want to extend the Assessment period by 2 weeks.
  • There's this completed vendor Assessment from last month, but you just onboarded 3 more vendors.

Now these cases are not an issue anymore for you. From the status page of an Assessment we offer an "Edit Assessment" button in the context menu: You can then add new recipients, new Assessment objects, etc. - without disturbing the other recipients currently anwering this Assessment.

We also keep a log of changes applied to this Assessment.

Controls from scratch

Control from scratch full screen

Alyne offers a large library around Cyber Security, Data Privacy and IT Controls in general. Recently a new customer of ours uses Alyne also as its Internal Control System (ICS). You already were able to copy a Control, but for this use case it's just better to create a Control from scratch.

So we decided to open up this functionality to you - internally at Alyne we used it already to maintain our library.


Currency full screen

In our Risk Management you track Risk impact qualitatively or quantitatively or even in both ways. With more customers outside of Europe, we needed to offer more currency symbols: Euro, British Pound and Dollar. It's more a visual thing, there is no conversion magic implemented. Typically you set the currency at the beginning of your Alyne subscription in the org settings.

Show control text instead of assessment question

In Assessments, for some cases you might want to display a generic question like "Please select an answer that best describes the level of maturity" and the actual Control text. These kind of "Do you comply?" Assessments are now possible.

Bug fixes

  • Some visual fixes in editing Assessments
  • Upon saving changes in Reports, the access control widget is opened or closed. Nothing critical, but we dealt with that widget zombie.
  • Comments could not be opened in a Control Set when viewed in compact mode. Solved.
  • The Control editor felt uncomfortable when being resized, now is more relaxed about this one.

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Manuel Reil

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