Reactions, Advanced Search and Improved Speed

Summary of Changes 1. Reactions Reactions are a revolutionary feature that integrates social interactions to the Alyne Cyber Security, Risk Management and Compliance solution. Get insights which Controls are understood, supported, implemented or even seem to be confusing for your organisation. 2. Reaction Summary You get consolidated statistics on reactions per Control Set to get an overview about how many members of your organisation have read, implemented, are supporting your Controls or even are confused with them. 3. Advanced Search Since product launch, the search always has been a powerful feature to filter Control Sets based on keywords. Now we are adding Standards and Regulation to the search.

Changes in detail

New features


Alyne is the first product that introduces reactions - you know them from Facebook - to a GRC software. Alyne Reactions let you socially interact with members of your organisation regarding Controls you set. We offer 6 reaction types:

Thumps up on green background Support: Expresses a positive attitude towards a Control: Support, like and agree to a control. This is the foundation for compliance and adherence to Controls.
A blue eye on black and grey background Read: Expresses that a Control was read and understood: Use this reaction to gather intelligence about the awareness of rules and Controls in your organisation.
Black arrow on a yellow background Implement: Expresses that a Control was implemented by members of your organisation: After support and read, this reaction gives insights about the highest level of adoption of Controls in your organisation.
Person with connecting signal on blue/greenish background Endorse: Expresses that a Control is endorsed by managers and leaders: Leaders can actively send a signal of management attention for the Control ("Tone from the top").
Confused white smiley on an orange background Confused: Expresses that a Control is not understood among members of the organisation: In case a Control is confusing, members of your organisation can express this by a simple click on this reaction. Gives the management a hint to better explain, adapt or even rethink the Control.
White beef/steak on a red/pink background Beef: To have beef with a Control means that you have serious problems implementing the Control or have a completely different opinion on it.

You can run campaigns on your organisation, on departments, on suppliers, etc. to e.g. get an overview of the implementation rate of your Control Set or to verify that your people have read and acknowledged the Control Set. You can even use it to discuss and agree Controls and Control Sets among your expert's group, e.g. internal CISO community. Reactions are a very versatile feature - we are keen to see how our customers are using it.

If you want to introduce reactions in your organisations not now or want to deactivate one or more reaction types, we help you out with a new section in the org settings in Alyne.

Reactions Summary

On Control Set level, you get an aggregated view on all the reactions on Controls of this set. Currently being a nice analytics visual, we will add filtering and other analytics features on top of it.

Comment Drafts

Driven by a customer idea, we now keep drafts of your comments - even if you browse to a different screen during your session. This feature is applied to Controls, Control Sets and Reports.

Speed Improvements

Throughout the app, we were able to improve loading time, especially on large Control Sets. The user interface in general feels a bit snappier. We have adopted an evolutionary approach to this while we add and extend features. More speed to come...

Bug fixes

  • On Internet Explorer version 11 we sometimes had double scrollbars - way too ugly and now gone.
  • The intro tour window got its drop shadow back on IE 11.
  • The Date picker lost its functionality in flight of the last release. We fixed it.
  • In very few cases, radar diagrams did not show the full information represented in the report. This was not an issue of underlying data, but of the visualisation piece of the diagram. This is now fixed. On Safari browsers, the axis lines disappeared. Also fixed.
  • We also improved visual styling in some cases where very, very long words would not work well with the layout.

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Manuel Reil

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