Restricted Funnels, Expert Digest and more new features

Summary of Changes 1. Funnel audience After our initial release of Funnels - Alyne's risk-driven workflow and categorisation component - we are now adding extended access control. Experts can restrict viewing and using Funnels to selected Alyne users. 2. Expert Digest The Expert Digest is a daily or weekly notification email sent to owners of Assessments in case recipients added comments or asked questions to an ongoing Assessment - very handy for keeping track of larger Assessment campaigns with lots of Controls and recipients. 3. Controls Selector Update The Controls Selector is the core widget when defining Control Sets and Assessments as it allows you to browse efficiently through the Alyne Controls Library and select the Controls you want to have in your Control Set or Assessment.

Changes in detail

New features

Funnel Audience

Our new major feature block Funnels received very positive feedback from current and potential customers. We were surprised how quickly customers understood the feature richness and flexibility of Funnels, e.g. to implement Commissioned Data Processing ("Auftragsdatenverwaltung"), Business Impact Analysis, Information Classification and more. With this release, we enable customers to restrict the access to their Funnels in order to implement segregation of duties and other access control requirements for these processes better. For this, we extended the Funnel definition screen by a fourth optional configuration step called "Specify Recipients". We might transfer this concept and user experience to other areas of the application the upcoming months.

Expert Digest

Running Assessments with a massive number of Controls and recipients can be a pain - especially when not using Alyne for this. Responders to Assessments can comment on their answers and can ask questions on a per control basis. Expert Digest is a new feature which is enabled by default for current and future Assessment owners that sends a notification mail including a comments and questions summary entered per Assessment/ day. It is a personal user preference so that you can opt out of Expert Digest (I would not do it - it's so great) or switch to a weekly sending schedule. In case no comments or questions occurred within the selected time frame, we do not send any mail to you - yay, no spam.

Control Selector Improvements

We drastically improved the Controls Selector regarding loading speed (we load 874 Controls in a fraction of a second now) and visual styling. You now can even search the whole Alyne Library via the upper right search box in a super fast way.

Report Updates

We again added some nice features and tweaks to Reports:

  • Comments are now enabled for Reports as well: Customers use it to discuss Report results and potential risk mitigation action right while viewing the Report.
  • We added a new Risk graph called "Root Cause Graph" in the risk selection section. It visualises in a comprehensible way which Control deviations impacted the the probability of a selected risk. Thus you can quickly identify the Controls that need to be improved for mitigating the selected risk.

Funnels can now be deleted via the context menu in case the Funnel was not used before and no responses have been recorded.

Dashboard Messages

The message section on the Dashboard was slightly improved: Messages can be deleted via one click. We updated the icons styles a bit.

Bug fixes

  • We somehow lost international date formatting, so all dates in the app were displayed English style. First I thought the Brexit caused it, but then we found the glitch and quickly fixed it.
  • The Assessment duration field in the Funnel trigger accepted input other than numbers - this is validated now.

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Manuel Reil

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