Funnels - Alyne's new risk-driven workflow module

Summary Alyne proudly presents its new product module Funnels. Funnels let you categorise Applications, Vendors, Contracts and other objects with a standardised workflow. Based on the outcome of such a funnel run, customisable actions ("Triggers") are launched, e.g. sending email notifications or even automatically launching Alyne assessments to the object owners. Use Case Scenarios Information Classification Application Protection Need Assessments Vendor Protection Need Assessments Business Impact Assessments Identification of Commissioned Data Processing ("Auftragsdatenverarbeitung") Privacy Impact Assessment and many more.

Example: Information Classification

Let's pick Information Classification as an example use case.

The challenge: Put information classification labels to a big number of data records and launch a detailed risk assessment on the data records that have been classified secret or confidential.

Setting up this powerful workflow only takes minutes in Alyne using our predefined templates:

  1. Select the funnel template for Information Classification with the pre-defined labels ("outcomes") Secret, Confidential, Internal and Public.
  2. Configure assessments for the outcomes Secret and Confidential.
  3. Review the questions for the funnel
  4. Launch the funnel
  5. Use the funnel to classify one data record or delegate this tasks to the data record owners.
  6. Receive notification of automatically launched assessments if a funnel run results in the outcome Secret or Confidential.
  7. Review the results for the data records in the funnel status overview.
Your value: Organisational decisions are made based on defined and objective criteria. Your team has an easily accessible and simple to use source for support and the decision process is documented and audit proof.

Feature Insights

Funnel Workflow - different configuration steps

1. Funnel workflow

We are introducing Funnels as a completely new feature helping you to categorise objects of all sorts in your enterprise via powerful questionnaire and automatically trigger activities based on the outcome in a risk-driven way.

This digitises workflows in your team and can even extend to your business partners and vendors.

Launch assessment overview (funnel triggers)

2. Funnel triggers

Funnel triggers are a powerful feature that are automatically executed once the specified outcome is reached. With this release, the available triggers are display a text message, send an email notification to one or multiple persons, launch an assessment for the object to be funneled and discard the outcome.

Funnel Library overview

3. Funnel templates

Alyne ships with ready to use templates for every new feature. For funnels, we are making 12 templates available for you, e.g. for Protection Need Assessments, Information Classification activities, Business Impact Assessments and many others.

We also provide you with object templates for Applications, Vendors, Contracts, Servers, Buildings, etc.


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