Multi-tenancy and one-click functions for managing Assessments and Control Sets

Summary of Changes 1. Multi-tenancy With the new Org Switcher you can switch fast and securely from one organisation to another via the org menu. Easy, secure and self-enabled multi-tenancy how you always wanted it to be. 2. One-click actions on Assessments/ Control Sets One click actions allow for copying Control Sets and Assessments, for creating Assessment templates and spin off Assessments from a Control Set right away. 3. Better Control tiles The Control tile is the core element of our GRC product. You can now delete single Controls from a set, customisations have now more room to breath and tags are now better utilising the space available.

Changes in detail

New features
  • All existing and future accounts in Alyne can be member of multiple organisations. You now can switch fast and securely from one organisation to another via the org menu at the top. Easy, secure and self-enabled multi-tenancy how you always wanted it to be.
  • We gave each control tile more space to breath. The variables are really glad now - especially the fat ones. Displaying control tags got smarter, too.
  • Imagine you created a custom Control Set and wanted to derive similar ones - now you can quickly and easily copy an existing Control Set with all its Controls, make some changes and publish it in your org. You also can delete single Controls out of a Control Set now.

    All of this applies as well for Assessments - that's a huge productivity boost. In addition, Assessments can be saved as templates with all of your customised Controls and target maturities for continuous re-use in your organisation.

    You have a shiny Control Set and want to derive an Assessment right out of the Control Set - now just a click away.

  • Even in Alyne Trial, you can get a grasp on all the Control Sets and Assessment templates available - we like to tease you.

Bug fixes

  • Localisation improvements.
  • Smaller user experience tweaks in risk reports and org settings
  • Some fixes on the statistics for assessments.

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