1000 Free Credits and Further Advancements in the New Release

Hi, my name is Manuel and I am the CTO of Alyne. In my first blog post, I will briefly cover the improvements of the new Alyne release for March, 2016. This will be - or so we hope - the start of a long, long series of release posts as we embrace the old-school guiding principle: Release early. Release often. And listen to your customers. Eric S. Raymond in The Cathedral and the Bazaar

At Alyne, we plan to ship bi-weekly releases that take effect immediately for all current and future Alyne customers. As a typical SaaS offering, we do not plan to charge additional fees or require maintenance plans for improvements on existing features of our product. By learning from our customers' feedback and realising quick turn-around times in our engine room, we strive to keep our customers and ourselves happy.

Summary of Changes

Here is summary of both new features and bugfixes.

  • 1000 free credits
    For all existing and future accounts in Alyne Trial Mode we have loaded each account with 1000 credits. Both existing and new users will benefit. These credits can be spent for testing the full Alyne feature set without any functional limitation including view and edit Control Sets, perform Assessments, create Reports and invite new users.
  • Functional and visual improvements
    Assessments, Reports, Comments and Favorites have been improved in both functional and visual details.
  • Minor bugfixes
    The mobile view of our app suffered a bit regarding visual styling. We made progress here and scheduled further improvements in the upcoming releases.

Changes in detail

New features
  • Every existing and new sign up is awarded 1000 free credits for the Alyne Trial Edition.
  • Assessment statistics on tiles are even more detailed and beautiful.
  • Comments now recognise links.
  • The intro tour can now be reactivated - again and again and again.
  • All buttons now have tool tips.
  • Minor dashboard improvements such as slightly improved messages user experience.

Bug fixes

  • Mobile views have been slightly improved overall.
  • Assessments lost some visual and functional quirks.
  • Reports do not show risks if your selected assessments do not pose any risks (you're happy in this case anyway).
  • Default user avatars now also behave on mobile Safari browsers.
  • Favorites now show their comments. Before, they were a little bit shy.
  • Contact | Legal Notice | Terms and Conditions are now clickable on the login screen. Before, they were a little bit shy as well.

Photocredit: markusspiske / photocase.de

Manuel Reil

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