Alyne Partners with KPMG to Deliver Value in the Areas of Sustainability and Human Rights

As the world moves forward, business leaders are being held more accountable for their responsibilities towards their employees, communities and the environment. Alyne and KPMG have teamed up, combining industry leading expertise on human rights and sustainability with next-generation technology to help our customers comply with requirements defined in international standards and regulations.

Recent decades have brought increased awareness and concern for human rights and social compliance, placing greater accountability on organisations to ensure that harmful practices do not go unnoticed, and that human rights are respected within their organisation and across supply chain.

To support normative human rights frameworks, Alyne and KPMG have teamed up, combining industry leading expertise on human rights and social compliance with next-generation technology to help our customers comply with the requirements defined in international standards and regulations.

With the detailed Human Rights Controls created by KPMG management consulting professionals, combined with Alyne’s regulatory and risk management technology, organisations can easily identify gaps in the human rights / social compliance context and build greater maturity with help of experts in a strategic and efficient manner. This partnership aims to streamline support functions for organisations, enabling simplified compliance and allowing them to manage their human rights related risk and compliance processes, effectively.


KPMG’S Human Rights Risk Assessments (HRRA)

Through the Alyne platform, ESG (environmental and social governance), sustainability and compliance managers can have full access to detailed and actionable Controls and Human Rights Risk Assessments (HRRA). These 113 Controls cover the most important labour related human rights topics:

  • Elimination of forced and compulsory labour.
  • Abolition of child labour.
  • Anti-discrimination in employment and occupation.
  • Just and favourable working conditions.
  • Freedom of association and collective bargaining.

Alyne’s Digitalised Risk Management and Compliance

Through this collaboration, organisations benefit from KPMG’s consulting services and expertly crafted Controls on human rights, facilitated by Alyne’s technology, which enables the process through:

  • Greater transparency: The ability to quickly and efficiently assess your supply chain through digital and scalable Human Rights Risk Assessments.

  • Performing a detailed Gap Analysis to analyse focus areas.

  • Detailed risk analytics on maturity levels, assessment deviations, impact level, probability and the likes of expected financial loss.

  • Deep and intuitive risk reporting which allows organisations to address their risks accurately and in a timely manner.

  • Simplified and digitalised compliance to human-rights specific requirements defined in international standards and regulations.

Furthermore, within Alyne, management friendly reports can be generated with an interconnected tree of risks, illustrating the root causes of elevated threats and the potential downstream effects if not mitigated. To aid in mitigation, each risk can be expanded to show which of the organisation’s controls and assessment answers deviated from policy recommendations.

Learn more about the KPMG and Alyne collaboration on human rights and how your organisation can benefit from digitised risk management paired with KPMG curated controls on this topic.


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