October New Features

This October, our team developed many new and improved product features within the Alyne platform that include: Assessment Takeovers, Compliance Evidence, Sentiment Analysis, Statistics for Assessment Responders, Submission Confirmation for Assessments, Linking of Risks and Objects and many more.

1. Assessments - Takeover

The world would be a pretty boring place if things wouldn’t change over time. That applies to the GRC space, too. Rising threat scenarios determine the scope of risk assessments, changes of user behaviour influence the need of protection applications and vendors undergo while restructuring. These and other factors require regular reviews and understanding that assessments are usually not a one-off exercise.

A lot of frustration in compliance and risk management processes is caused by repetition, especially from assessments. People have to answer the same questions over and over again instead of being able to focus on areas that deserve their attention.

Alyne’s latest Assessment Takeover feature solves this challenge:

  • A responder can now roll over previously given answers and evidence provided from an older assessment to the latest request.

  • In order to ensure that a responder critically examines every aspect of the new assessment, comments have to be added from scratch.

By introducing the Assessment Takeover, Alyne takes the pain out of regular assessments and allows responders to focus on the things that matter!

Fig. 1: Each Assessment Manager can allow for the Assessment Takeover feature to be enabled when setting up an Assessment by clicking on 'enable input assistance'.

Fig. 2: Responders now have the ability to take over previously already provided answers to each new request.

Fig. 3: Responders can decide whether they actually want to take over answers already provided. 

2. Assessments - Compliance Evidence

One question that keeps assessors as well as responders awake at night: Which evidence satisfies my external or internal auditor?

By introducing the feature Compliance Evidence your responders immediately know which attachments to link to their questionnaire; therefore less hassle answering questions.

Fig. 4: No-hassle integration of suggested Compliance Evidence for Alyne Library Controls. 

3. Assessments - Sentiment Analysis

Imagine sending out 1000 assessments per year with 50 questions each, where 10 of those questions require additional comments and further elaboration...

This reality for many is why the Alyne team has developed a Sentiment Analysis feature – a powerful capability that leverages machine learning and provides Assessment Managers with means to determine the most interesting questions that may require their review. Aimed at highlighting a mixed emotion discussion in comments and information that contradicts the answer selected in any questionnaire, makes Alyne's Sentiment Analysis a powerful tool strengthening the Manager's review capabilities.

Navigating 10,000 and more comments, filtering out the ones that require attention and a closer look is now as intuitive as it can get. Browse your questionnaires and immediately seek out areas of interest.

Interested in using this feature? Reach out to your customer success representative or contact us here: [email protected].

Fig. 5: Focus on what matters leveraging Alyne’s Sentiment Analysis.

4. Assessments - Statistics for Assessment Responders

Regular assessments come with regular, rather trivial, questions:

Which questions have I already answered? Where do I still owe proof? Which complexes have I delegated to my colleagues?

The Alyne Assessment Dashboard now answers these questions in an even more detailed fashion. Assessment Managers and Responders have access to real-time updates about the processing status in different dimensions - leaving no question unanswered.

Fig. 6: Always stay ahead of your Assessment progress. 

5. Submission Confirmation for Assessments

For documentation reasons, a lot of our clients have asked for written confirmation of their Assessment submission in addition to the in-app provided audit proof time stamp. We have accommodated the need and are now sending out Confirmations at the end of every Assessment.

Fig. 7: Responses are all saved (also all safe) within Alyne, however, you may save your mail confirmation for your personal documentation. 

6. Risk Management - Link Risks and Objects

Alyne’s Object Library is the linchpin for all things Assessments and Risk Management. Segment Tags enable our Users to link their Risks to Objects on an organisational level to mirror reporting structures.

As a Risk Manager’s world is complex and as risks can be linked to a location, plant, process, server or application – we have introduced the all new feature: Risk→ Object Link. Users can now link a Risk to an affected Object from our Object Library and thus drill down into their risk landscape from absolute top to the absolute bottom.

Fig. 8: Link your Risk to the underlying source.

Fig. 9: Search for your source and find the linked Risks.

Interested in setting up your custom Object Library? Reach out to your Customer Success representative or contact us here: [email protected].

7. Risk Management - Label Information

Context helps; especially in risk management. After introducing our Risk Loss Potential Estimator back in July (a feature that helps experts and non-experts quantify their risks) – we now enable our customers to provide even more guidelines and context: In the form of additional information for impact and probability classification.

Fig. 10: Provide guidance to improve your risk data.

Interested in using this feature? Reach out to your Customer Success representative or contact us here: [email protected].

8. Monte Carlo Simulations

Just like in risk management, context is key to interpreting the results obtained from Risk Simulations. To enable this, Alyne now supports custom labels to e.g. add financial KPIs like EBITDA to better understand the Value at Risk (VaR) and to communicate implications easier to peers or senior management.

Fig. 11: Bring your VaR calculations into context.

Also helpful in senior management communication is our new feature that enables embedding of the Risk Simulation results into presentations.

Fig. 12: No-hassle integration of your Monte Carlo Simulation results.

Interested in using this feature? Reach out to your Customer Success representative or contact us here: [email protected].

9. Clarity and Intuitiveness

As a lot of our customers are now going into year three or four of using the Alyne app, we have added an archiving function for Assessment Reports and introduced Toasts – an intuitive way of confirming successful actions. Watch out for more and more of these to pop up!

Fig. 13: Notifications at your fingertips.

Fig. 14: Archive and unarchive Reports for an always tidy screen.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about these new features and the extended functionality of Alyne. 



Felix Schock

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