March New Features

This March, we have introduced new functionality to the platform to wrap up an exciting quarter! The Alyne Experts have provided all Alyne Users with an Explanation Field to promote greater collaboration, along with enhancements to the Takeover feature which now includes Explanations - further extending Alyne's capability.

1. Explanation Field

As an Assessment Manager, you might be familiar with the enforcement of answer rules in the form of comments or attachments when configuring your Assessments.

In order to pave the way for more developments, an “enforced comment” is now known as “Explanation”. This new Explanation field found in Assessments is a shared field that aims to promote collaboration between original recipients and delegatee(s) in the same space. As long as Assessments are not submitted, recipients are able to freely create, save, update or delete the information within this field. Not to forget, text formatting is supported via markdown here!

With the Explanation field, Assessment Managers can see the explanation provided by the original recipient or the relevant delegatee(s) even when the Assessment is in progress and not yet submitted – to ensure that things are on track.

For those who love in the in-app communication function, fret not, as the Comments section is still available within Assessments. So do continue to hold all meaningful discussions, right in the Comments section!

2. Explanation Takeover

An additional new development within the Explanation field. As part of the enhancement process for our current Takeover capabilities, we are extending the same functionality to the Explanation field as well. Going forward, when taking over content from previous Assessments, you will also have the ability to take over the Explanations, Answers and Evidence that has been provided previously.

App Users would be able to decide between taking over answers from previous Assessments based on either a per question, or a whole Assessment basis.

3. Library Update: HIPAA 

The Content Library team has recently rolled-out the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) into Alyne. HIPAA is the primary federal data privacy regulation in the US which regulates protection of health-related personally identifiable assets, (among other things). For more information on Alyne's HIPAA capabilities, read the full Library Update here.



4. Library Update: KAIT

Another new update this month to Alyne's Content Library is a Control Set covering KAIT (Kapitalverwaltungsaufsichtliche Anforderungen an die IT) – the German BaFin's supervisory requirements for IT in Fund and Asset Management, defined in the 11/2019 (WA) circular in the version as of October 1, 2019. You can find more details about Alyne's KAIT mapping right here.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about these new features and the extended functionality of Alyne. 




Eugene Nah

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