Update to our Terms of Usage

Since launching Alyne in March 2016, we've been having as many conversations with our current and future customers as we can. We want to understand how we can make Alyne more powerful, easier to use and more useful for organisations. 

Feedback that we received multiple times was that our concept of pre-purchased credits that can be spent for usage in Alyne was not making procurement processes and Alyne usage easier and more transparent for them. We listened to you and heard you loud and clear. Today we have updated our Terms of Use to reflect the replacement of our credit system with a subscription to usage tiers. 

What has changed:

  • Trial usage ends with the subscription to a usage tier
  • Subscriptions are purchased for a specific usage tier with thresholds defined for number of concurrent users, number of assessed objects per contract period and number of concurrently active funnels
  • Contract duration is 12 months, pre paid at contract start 
  • Contracts renew automatically, unless cancelled at least 30 days before contract end

What has not changed:

  • The value our customers get from Alyne for the same amount of money or the entry price for Alyne
  • Contracts closed prior to 6. September 2016
  • Our commitment to finding a solution to enable your organisation to leverage Alyne's capabilities to your benefit

Our team will be implementing technical subscription controls in Alyne over the next few weeks. We hope that this change will make using and embedding Alyne in your organisation easier and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. According to our Terms of Use, the changes published today are effective 6. October 2016.

Karl Viertel
CEO & Co-Founder of Alyne

Photocredit: https://unsplash.com/@tim_arterbury

Karl Viertel

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