Standards Radar for Responders and Realtime Access Control

Standards Radar for Responders and Realtime Access Control

Summary of Changes

Sorted Radar Diagram

1. ... and again improved Radars

Responder Radars now feature the standards radar. All Radars are sorted alphabetically now.

Realtime Access Control

2. Realtime Access Control

Removing a user or changing the user type is enforced in realtime.

Configurable Session Timeout

3. Configurable Session Timeout

Admins of an Alyne org can configure the inactivity timeout individually.

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different tools assembled

New cool Report features and Radars for Responders

Summary of Changes

Risk Heatmap and Compliance Summary

1. Report Updates

We revamped the most popular Report sections: Risk Heatmap and Compliance Summary.

Implement Control

2. Implement control mitigation

We introduce a new mitigation action type: "Implement Control".

Responder Radar

3. Responder Radar

Assessment recipients can view their results in a private radar diagram (if you allow it).

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